D630 Bluetooth + PCMCIA Conflict

I am a technician at a local PC shop and I recently bought from us a brand new Dell Latitude D630 and I really appreciate it, only problem I ran to so far:

As soon as plug in any PCMCIA card into the laptop, it detects the card, it searches for drivers (as usual) but when it either found the driver and tries to install it (or used the automatic driver installation from the CD), it takes a long while, my bluetooth mouse stops working after a while then I get a bluescreen.

I tried it with multiple network PCMCIA cards and even an Audigy 2 ZS and it's always the same problem.

-The cards are working on other different laptops
-The cards are working if I disable the Bluetooth module in the bios
-I tested with another Bluetooth module and same problem happens
-I updated the Bluetooth drivers
-I updated the PCMCIA drivers
-I tried on 2 different windows installation (both Vista 32, also tried Windows 7 and Windows XP fresh installs)

Here are my system specs:

Dell Latitude D630
Intel Core 2 Duo T7800 @ 2.6Ghz
2048MB DDR2 667
160GB 7200rpm HDD
Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M 128MB
Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n Wireless card
Dell Bluetooth Module 355 + EDR 2.0
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bits (Also tested on Windows 7 RC1 and Windows XP Professional)

The only thing I might suspect is the fact that the Bluetooth module I use isn't the one that should be sold with the D630, I use a 355 Module that came out of an Inspiron 1720 instead of the 360 module that should be with Latitude Dx20/Dx30 laptops.

Common problem? known solution? I almost tried everything I had in mind, little help would be really greatly appreciated, I really want to use this Soundblaster I purchased for my laptop along with the bluetooth mouse I'm using that I also bought to avoid having an additionnal receiver to plug in my laptop.


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Re: D630 Bluetooth + PCMCIA Conflict

I found a temporary way to use both at the same time but it still creates problems

Once in windows, I need to use the wireless switch to turn off the Wifi and the Bluetooth, once the bluetooth module is 100% gone from the device manager (like 15/20 seconds), then plug in the PCMCIA card, wait to it to install and work, then turn the Wifi switch back on and I get my Bluetooth mouse working fine.

Once I restart my laptop, I need to remove the PCMCIA card and redo it otherwise I get a bluescreen when windows starting giving me a Registry corrupted bluescreen (having the wifi switch on or off).


temporary solution.. but I don't really feel like having to do that each time....

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Re: D630 Bluetooth + PCMCIA Conflict

After updating the bios from all the releases there it on the website, still the same problem, as soon as I drop in a PCMCIA card , my bluetooth stops to work immediatly then I get the bluescreen.

I've still got no answer,  I changed the BT module and same thing happens (still a 355 tho).

brand new windows, still....

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