DELL Webcam Issues solved

Hi folks,

This post is for anyone with a newer dell laptop with web cam issues.

It took me the better part of a week to nail this issue down but I finally got it and wanted to share the knowledge because A LOT of people seem to be complaining about the same thing I have had to deal with.

IF you are experiencing errors such as "the device is being used by another application...." OR "No imaging device found" THIS will work for you.

1. Turn off computer, pull out power plug, and take out battery.... Hold power button for 10 seconds and then put it all back together and turn computer back on.

(this will reinstall the cam and driver) Your web cam will be noticed now.

2. THIS IS THE FIX PART...... Right click on your battery icon in your task bar....choose power options. What ever plan you have your computer set to chose "Change plan settings" and then "Change advanced power settings"... From there... locate "hard disk" Open the + marks and set the time to 1000 minutes or more. This will prevent your computers Hard drive from going to sleep or into hybernatioin mode.

Because draining the power always reinstalled the cam freshly the only logical solution had to be a power configuration. The problem is the cam is either held in use, or not found after the hard drives are temporairly disabled. Why? I don't know.... but I do know that NOT allowing the Hard drive to go into standby/sleep/or hybernation.... Does fix the issue with the cam.

You can still put your computer to sleep.... just don't let the hard drives go to sleep too.

I hope this works for the many of you with web cam problems.

Merry Christmas Everyone


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Prem Raj

Re: DELL Webcam Issues solved

Does it work if there is no webcam shown in my device manger ? I had this problem after 3 month of my purchase. When I open my cam it ask for additional plug in . In my device manager i can,t see web cam. Dell changed my cam 25 days back , for this same issue. Now again I have same issue ? Can u help me to figure out the problem?

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