DELL XPS17 L702X screen resolution

So I just bought Dell XPS17 L702X with Geforce 550MT video card. (Win 7 home edition)

I already found out about Nvidia Optimus and that by default windows will be running on the integrated intel video card instead of 550MT and I checked that i cannot change it even in BIOS. This is very dissapointing - why to use the worse card is beyond my understanding, considering battery usage is not relevant for me.

The bigger problem is that the highest resolution I can choose in windows is 1600x900.

The biggest problem is that any game I choose to play the biggest resolution I can set is 1600x900, even though I am choosing to run it on the geforce card and I have configured this in nvidia control panel as well.

Any ideas how to make windows and games run on higher resolution? Any workarounds? Any help would be very appreciated. I could mention that I already installed the latest nvidia drivers (clean install).


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Re: DELL XPS17 L702X screen resolution

The only sollution is to replace the display which is not possible to do. With choosing your hardware you have limited your resolution to the choosen display. Maybe you can change to higher resolutions on an external monitor.

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Re: DELL XPS17 L702X screen resolution

The external monitor is the solution - if you don't want to do that, return the system and order a higher-end model with a higher resolution screen.

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