Default display adapter?

I just purchased an XPS system with an nvideo 435 graphics card.  When I started windows 7 I noticed the default video dispay adapter was the onboard Intel HD graphics.  I have tried changing this to the nvidea card with no success.  I ran dxdiag to verify that the Intel HD graphics were what the system was using and it was.  So far I have tried the following:

checked the bios but did not see any setting to disable onboard graphics

disabling the Intel HD graphics (no success)

uninstalling the Intel HD graphics (no success)

uninstalling and re-installing the nvidia card and drivers (no success)

Does anyone know how to set the default graphics to the nvidia card?

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Re: Default display adapter?

The system runs with the Intel video until more graphics power is needed, then smoothly shifts the load to the Nvidia graphics. This is the Optimus protocol. While it is possible to switch between the two modes, most BIOS DO NOT SUPPORT THIS. There is lots out there on this, search the web.

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