Dell Camera not working

I have a dell xps m1530.

A while back my laptop crashed and I took it for repairs, when I got it back my camera icon disappeared and I put the set-up cd in to restore everything but my camera still would not work. I can find the icon of the camera but when I open it, it shows that it is open but there's nothing on my screen it's like it is minimized.


Anyone know how to fix it? It has been like this for a LONG time and I don't know how to fix it. I can't take pictures at all and I really would like to use this feature now



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Re: Dell Camera not working

Try download the latest drivers:

Dell's Front page > My Account > Support (at the top of the page) > Drivers and Downloads

Also try to download the original software again:

Dell's Front page > My Account > My Software

That will redirect you to My Dell Downloads which is kind of a buggy site. It only worked for me when I was using Internet Explorer 32-bit as my browser

Btw, what was the cause of the crash? Something hardware related or just software?

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