Dell Dock .... Gone

I have a new Inspiron running Windows 7,  Last night I acccepted an update from Java and then got a message that "The Dell Dock Has encountered a problem and needs to close......Please tell Dell about this problem"  it says an error report has been created, but when I try to send the error report it  comes back "Threr was an error please try again"  at the same time ther is a dialogue box that comes up saying that "Dell Dock has stopped working Windows is trying to find a solution to this problem"

I tried to do a system restore, but the only date I have to restore it back to  is this morning, and the Dock was not working at that time

I also downloaded the Dell Dock and installed it but no go..

I have never done a Factory restore and am not sure if the lack of the Dell Dock is worth it, Could the Java update have caused this?  Has anyone got a fix for this or have any ideas?? 

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