Dell Hell

I have been fighting with dell for 3 years to get a single working laptop since they replaced my motherboard from my 1730, I have had countless motherboard replacements, video cars, and laptop replacements. I have gone through 4 different machines, and the last one the video card was not rendering bf3 worth beans, it had a ati 6970 and was not braking 15 fps, so they insisted I send it to the depo with my hard drive, they then proceed to keep my laptop, telling me I will get a refund. after almost a month of me being on the phone with them trying to find out what is going on, finally they (after no computer for a month) are saying my computer is to old for a refund, (despite more than a dozen people promising me a refund, and them even issuing it as a refund) but not to my account because that account is closed. and they will do nothing for the warranty. so 3 years almost 3k down and still no working computer. So glad I got a dell.

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