Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 running on Windows 8.1(upgraded from Windows 8)

System Specifications:


Model Num: Inspiron 3537

Other specifications: http://www.flipkart.com/dell-inspiron-15-laptop-4th-gen-ci7-8gb-1tb-win8-2gb-graph/p/itmdpzjm3hyzfbf...

Detailed Description of Problem

After a boot for 10-15 minutes when I shut down Windows through the onscreen power button or through terminal commands the Windows show a screen of Windows shutting down and then the screen switches off. However the processor and the hard drive are both running as I can 

<a> See the LED indicator lights for power , Hard-drive and Wifi to be still on.

<b> Hear the fan whirring through the wind vent.

This has been a recurrent occurrence for more than 6-7 times in the last two days since I bought the laptop and upgraded. The fact that it runs on battery or Mains Power does not seem to affect it as I have faced this issue on both Power sources.

What I have Done so Far

<1> Upgraded all the Drivers(including BIOS) from Dell's support site for my laptop.

<2> Upgraded AMD Radeon 8850M Graphics card drivers.

<3> Run full Diagnostic checks from BIOS

<4> Uninstalled all the apps from Windows Store that I had downloaded

<5> Unchecked everything absolutely non essential from Start up services.


Now I am at wit's end at what to do. Please help me I am in a huge trouble with this. Awaiting your replies.

Thank You.

Edit[1]: I found this on the Microsoft support forums but did not see any relevant answers. Nevertheless I am tagging it


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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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hello I just liked to say that I have the same laptop and also facing with same problem so far I have succeded to fix the shutdown process but still I have problem with sleep and hibernate.

To fix the shut down process  is simple just go to control panel -> System and Security->Power Options->Choose what the power button does

And unclick the option for  fast startup. I hope this will help you to shut down your laptop normally.

But for others options I think that dell need to provide new update for  AMD driver or something like that.



RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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Writing from DELL Inspiron 15 3537-7427.
After update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I have faced same problem as described already: after giving order to shutdown (or
hibernate or sleep) laptop turned off the screen however remained on (diode lit and fan running).
Also had problem that after screen turned off (due to inactivity for some time, as per settings) there was no way to wake
it up - only hard turn off by pushing and holding power button.

I have read trough several solutions and came to conclusion that problem must be software. Especially because reboot
command was working properly. No matter how you give order to shutdown - close screen, push power button or by mouse
(whichever - right down corner or start buttton) or ALT+F4 - computer do same thing, shut down system with the last
command to hardware to turn off power. Hibernate turned off or on should also not be a point. Also whether power off
command is linked to power button or not - should not matter.

As also after Win 8.1 update I faced problem to enter Catalyst settings, so I came to a conclusion that it might be there.
Downloaded new Catalyst from DELL website (they prompted me for service tag, so be prepared, it is at the bottom of your
laptop) and installed.

Now I have problem partially solved, however for some time I will live with this.
Why partially:

No matter how you give order to shut down - laptop do now shut down and turn off properly, on both batterry and AC power.
This was most important. Solved.
Screen wake up works properly after screen time-out power-off. Second most important. Solved.
Hibernate and sleep does not work OK - laptop follows my order and either do hibernate or do sleep (power diode is
blinking/breathing on sleep) however after wake up system is restarted and raises from very beginning, after desktop
appears a some problem is reported (you know, problem number bla bla bla). So unsolved or solved partially.

Now I simply do not use sleep and hibernate options, however they would be very useful to me (as they were on previous
laptop, which unfortunately sunk in the river). Most important - I can turn off laptop.

My settings:
power button action - shutdown
sleep button action - do nothing (this laptop does not have such a button anyway)
screen close - shutdown

fast boot up - can remain on (!!! and everybody says to turn off), however laptop do same as with hibernate/sleep - boots
up, faces some problem, reboots automatically from the very beginning, so actually takes longer, than when this option is
off, I keep off.
sleep - unmarked, not shown (what for if does not work)
hibernate - unmarked, not shown (see above)

also recommended in all power management plans, or at least in one you use everyday - set sleep time after inactivity to

Basing on above - I would bet updating other drivers and maybe BIOS solves all problems, I do not have time to do this
now. I will use my laptop as it is now, however would be nice if any new solution would appear here.

Have fun with yours, trust helped a bit.

Rgrds, Michal, Gdansk, Poland.

this problem was also found:


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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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Hi all, including DELL Support,

Please,  we need a working driver for Win 8.1 - I have 8850 AMD Graphics Card. 

Looks that everybody has same issue, so work on it. Don't let users dissapointed.

Thank you!


RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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hello guys i just like to say that i have fixed the problem with my dell and now he work just fine.

Steps that need to be done are first uninstall amd driver and download windows updates and you will see and amd driver there but don't install it yet after update go and download one amd driver from dell or from somewhere else and after installing amd go to windows updates and install them including and the amd driver.

This worked for me i hope that will work also and for you .

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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It is not clear what you're writing.

When you install the AMD drivers you downloaded, Windows update does not show any more the update you said.

It did not work for me.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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you have to download windows updates before installing the AMD driver and after installing the AMD driver that you have downloaded from dell install AMD that comes with windows updates and the problem will be sloved.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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hello all ! I have the same problem with my 3537 ... if i install latest amd drivers laptop doesn`t shutdown/sleep etc . but if i use dell driver everithing is working ok.. but dell drivers are very old !! help


RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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can you give us the links you used?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 Shutdown issues

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SOLVED PROBLEM !!! to use latest amd drivers and let shutdown work you need to go to power options , choose what the power button does and untick  turn on fast startup ! and now it Works great with 13.30 RC3 drivers etc !!! cheers

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