Dell Inspiron 1525 BIOS Administrator Password Locked

Hello Dell Community,

I have an inspiron 1525 purchased Late April of 2008.  I'm a college student with not a lot of money to spend, and after having my newest laptop (A $1149.99 ASUS G71GX) stolen, have resorted to returning to my Inspiron..

I haven't touched it since my warranty expired because I tend to be.. very accident prone with laptops.
However, it turns out that an old foster brother of mine (I'm adopted) who no longer lives with us, decided to wreck some havoc in our lives by stealing our stuff and setting passwords on everything he could.  I found out yesterday that my BIOS password is one of these.
I don't have any way of paying a fee to have my password reset.  I'm broke, and frankly thing that $129.99 complete care warranty should buy me more than getting a laptop hinges fixed (manufactures fault) and my hard drive replaced (80Gb, my fault, slipped on ice).

When I try to enter the password 3 times, I'm told to call Dell Support, and give them a number, but frankly I'm not allowed to run up my fathers phone bill nor do I have the money or payment method (credit card) to pay Dell's post warranty support fee.

Does anybody have a solution?

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