Dell Inspiron 1525 HD video playback choppy

I have been having issues with HD video playback on Youtube and with Quicktime. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo, 3GB of ram running Windows Vista Home Premium. When I play HD videos on Youtube and on Apple's Website (Quicktime), the playback is choppy. I checked the task manager, and my CPU runs at 44-54% while playing the videos. I have let the videos fully buffer before playing, and so I know it isn't a bandwidth issue.

Here is an example video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1UPMEmCqZo

Make sure you click "Watch in HD"

There aren't any updated video card drivers on Dell's support website for the Inspiron 1525 and the Intel 965 driver from Intel's website doesn't install on this computer (it tells me that I must get the driver from the computer manufacturer).

Initially I thought it was a flash issue since I was first started noticing the issues on flash video sites, but I downloaded Quicktime and 720p videos from Apple's site slows down as well. I tried uninstalling and re-installing flash. I tried playback in both Firefox 3.0.6 and IE 7. I tried playing the videos with hardware acceleration on and off (setting in flash).

I can play a 1080p trailer I have (The Island ATSC trailer) in VLC media player just fine.

Are there going to be any updated video card drivers for the Dell Inspiron 1525? Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Can anyone give me any pointers?


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Re: Dell Inspiron 1525 HD video playback choppy

I am having the same problem.

About 6 weeks ago, my system started freezing. After countless hours an dbeing hung up on numerous times by tech support, they sent a tech out to my home. Her replaced the heat sync, RAM, and hard drive. I have since got the blue system memory dump screen twice and now my HD video is choppy.

I have only owned this laptop 6 months, and I got it loaded with RAM, processor, Blu-Ray, etc...and I am really unhappy with both the quality of the machine and the poor customer service. good luck trying to get an English speaking customer service rep. Good luck trying to get an Indian customer service rep who can understand you and one that you cna understand.

I am so ready to go back to Gateway PCs - I didn't have half of these problems.

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