Dell Inspiron 1545 new charger wont charge

I have had this dell inspiron 1545 for a little over a year and my charger stopped working out of no where. Unplugged it moved over a room plugged it in and it didnt work the green light was off on the charger so i bought a new one its a dell P-21 family charger that says it will work for a dell 1545 so i just got it like ten minutes ago and when i plugged it in it says "The system will run slower and the battery will not be charged please connect a 65W or greater charger for best results" the charger says 19.5 V, 3.34 A, and 65 W. Why is it not working?

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Re: Dell Inspiron 1545 new charger wont charge

What you bought is a cheap third-party adapter - it may or may not charge the battery.  Try a new, genuine Dell adapter - if it fails to be recognized properly, then the problem is with the power jack or the system board - not the adapter.

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