Dell Inspiron 1545 won't turn on

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop that was purchased from Dell in February 2009.  I was using the laptop last night (with power cord plugged in), but turned it off and unplugged the power from the laptop when a severe thunder storm started approaching our area. This morning I plugged the cord back into the laptop and tried to turn it on and NOTHING happened…..no lights, no noise of fans, nada. 

Here’s what I’ve tried:

1-    I removed the battery, held the start button down for 60 seconds and tried to start with just the power cord plugged in…nothing

2-    I removed the memory modules and reseated them and tried to start…nothing

3-    I removed the hard drive and reseated and tried to start…nothing

Please advise what to do here.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 1545 won't turn on

Does the LED on the adapter ever come on?  If it doesn't when you plug into the wall but not the system, the adapter is faulty.


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