Dell Inspiron 1720 running slow

Hi, my above machine seems to run slow and really struggle with the simplest of tasks at random times. It will then no longer be an issue, without me doing anything to fix it. It usually seems to happen on a Saturday or Sunday. I know when its running slow because Windows media player will jump and skip around for about 4 seconds about 10 seconds before the end of every track it plays (without fail!) Games take a long time to react, and internet browsing is painfully slow.

I have McAfee up to date and have run a scan (this sometimes speeds the laptop up actually but not everytime - could be just coinsidence). I am up to date with windows update, I have run CHKDSK, and I have also just run the Dell system scan which also showed up no problems. My CPU usage (under task manager) seems similar both when its running slow or not.

Windows media player is using between 20 and 30 to play an MP3 file, does this seem acceptable?

Whilst typing this, I have realised something else aswell. A website I use (Racingpost.com) seems to push the firefox CPU up to about 40-45 even when its idle, this seems really high. Could this be the problem?

Any help would be much appreiciated.



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