Dell Inspiron 17R 5737 Won't Shutdown/Sleep Windows 10 Problem

Ok so I've been experiencing some driver issues lately, and I've already updated them up to Dell's standards on their website under my laptop version. This seemed to fix my shutdown issue however my computer won't wake up from sleep or hibernation! I made sure my power and sleep settings under control panel was all good so this was defiantly a driver issue.

From everyone else having this problem told me to roll back the Intel Management Engine Interface from 11.x.x to 9.5.x.x 

I did this; however, it still won't wake up from sleep or hibernation. 

I've tried multiple versions of this 9.5.x.x driver

Even, MEI all the way to the latest ,A02 MEI

I've been reading forums and it seems that some people with my make and model have the same issue. I don't think this laptop has any compatible drivers for Windows 10 64 bit and I won't consider downgrading.

So please help me I'm stuck?

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