Dell Inspiron Duo - recovery


I've just been given a Dell Inspiron Duo and want to start using it. It feels like a very nice piece of kit and I want to try and make the most of it. My issue is that I want to factory reset the hard drive before I really get going just to make sure that nothing has been downloaded to impare the build. I've been trying F8 but it doesn't work. I've attached a CD rom and, using a boot manager on CD, directed it a the recovery partition but then get a 'Boot manager not found' error. Looking arround the Dell support site I've located a form to request the physical media but it's an Areican form and things like the phone number layout and state don't translate well to the UK.

Has anyone else had simular issues and know of a solution. All I really want is a factory new looking Dell, with a very nice flippy touch screen.

Thanks in advance...


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