Dell Inspiron N4010 Windows 7 Can't restore to factory defaults

I have no idea what happened to my computer. It's only 1.5 years old and very lightly used (I use my work laptop most of the time). I started using carbonite to backup my computer and suddenly it was very slow. I left the computer running while I was away on vacation for a week. I came home and tried to play a video for my daughter and hook up the hdmi cable to our tv and suddenly it was frozen and had an error. I turned it off and when I went to turn it on again it wouldn't load past the blue windows screen with the swirls and cursor. I have tried the advanced boot to restore to factory defaults since everything was backed up by carbonite anyway but when I try to do that it goes back to the blue windows screen and cursor again. I don't know what I did with the original cd's for the operating system. Help!! I don't know what I can do! It won't even let me go into safe mode!
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Re: Dell Inspiron N4010 Windows 7 Can't restore to factory defaults

Hi scoon26,

The problem could be with the hardware or software of the computer.

To identify the problem please follow the steps in the link: http://dell.to/NQbA8Z

If there are any errors displayed on the screen, please capture the error code and let me know for the next course of action.

Reply for further help.

Thanks & Regards,
Nikhil D

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