Dell Inspiron Power Problem

I am in need of someone to advise me on a recent laptop problem, I will attempt to describe it and lets see if anyone can aide me.

I typically keep my laptop plugged into the wall; using it more like a desktop instead of a laptop. I keep my screens brightness turned all of the way up so it is easiest to see, while still plugged into the wall. When I unplug my laptop from its wall power source, I have the brigntness turned down to save battery life.

In the past few weeks, my screen (while plugged in) will begin to flicker from its bright screen output to its dimmer (unplugged/battery) output; and the power icon in the bottom right of my screen next to the clock will change from battery power to charging power icon and back and forth. I first thought my charger cord was bad so I replaced it with a new one, however that did not solve my problem. Looking closer at my computer, the power port in the back of my laptop where I plug it in for power appears to be loose. Can this be the source of my problem or is it much more complicated?

If anyone has any imput, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Dell Inspiron Power Problem

Most likely problem is that the socket on the laptop has a broken connection to the system board. As you move the cord, the socket contacts briefly with the board, and the screen brightens. The socket can be rersoldered or replaced easily if you have any electronic skills. If not, a repair shop will do it for a high charge. There are also sites where you can ship the unit for repairs. The only other option is replacing the system board - expensive. If the unit is still under warranty, iDell will repair it.

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