Dell Laptop with 3 Monitors

I have a dell latitude E6410 on a docking station that has 1 SVGA monitor output and 2 DVI-D monitor outputs, I also have dell monitors with bothe the SVGA and DVI-D inputs.

I would like to use all 3 monitors as an extended Desktop, however the Intel graphics suite that controls the properties for my monitor only allows 2 to be active (although it recognizes all 3 monitors are plugged in).


Any thoughts on how I can achieve my goal without any additional hardware?



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Re: Dell Laptop with 3 Monitors

There is no way without further hardware purchase.  Some of the newer ATI video chips can drive three displays - the Intel one cannot - and there's no option for a docking station that will take a video card as there was on the older D-series Latitudes.

There are some Express Card adapters that can be used to drive multiple monitors - that will be the least expensive option.


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Re: Dell Laptop with 3 Monitors

I too have an E6410.  On the properties page it lists an NVIDIA 3100M as the display adapte with chip type NVS 3100M.  I don't plan on using the docking station, so I purchased a displayport to DVI adapter cable.  I had one external monitor connected already to the VGA port.  I had planned to run a second external monitor off the displayport.

I'm running windows XP Pro.  When I connected the second external monitor to the displayport adapter, it behaves as if no cable is connected.  In looking at the display properties page, it looks like the system is only showing, or "seeing", the laptop monitor and one external monitor.  I connected the external monitor that was on the VGA port to the displayport adapter, and it worked, so it looks like at present the laptop only wants to see one external monitor.

Is there a way to get both video ports working?  If not, there was a reference to some express card adapters to drive multiple monitors.  Would that be to drive both external monitors?

How does that compare to getting a USB to VGA adapter to get the second external monitor working off a USB port?  That involves additional software  magic, but it is supplied with the physical USB/VGA adapter hardware.

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