Dell Latitude E4300 no audio out put

I ran an update and have no audio out put device installed now (that what it says when the mouse is over the speaker)  I also ran the diagnostics and the output from that was "codec failed to generate interrupt 1b63:0268.  I was wondering if someone knew how to get sound back on my computer.  Thanks!!!

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Jim Coates

Re: Dell Latitude E4300 no audio out put

Failure of the Dell Diagnostics audio tests indicates a hardware failure that Dell will fix under the warranty. If you want to confirm that there is a hardware failure then return the computer to the original factory configuration (see Factory Image Restore on p. 52 of the E4300 Quick Reference Guide). If that does not restore the audio then there is a confirmed hardware failure.

There are some other things below you can try that will either

a. Fix your audio or

b. Not fix the audio and will not confirm that there is a hardware problem.


> System Restore (p.50 of the Quick Reference Guide).

> Re-install the IDT audio driver (p. 49 of the Guide).

> Download a fresh copy of the driver files (Section 3 of The Audio Driver Facts FAQ).

> Use the generic audio driver that is built-into Windows (Section 6 of the FAQ).


Normally I would say it is a hardware problem because the Diagnostics audio tests failed. But the fact that this happened after an update gives me pause. Updates have been known to shut down the audio.

Jim Coates -- 14 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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