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Dell Latitude E5510 - Problem with WIFI driver and Fingerprint Sensor

Hello, guys. I'm a noob in using Dell laptop. I have problems with enabling WIFI and Fingerprint sensor on Dell Latitude E5510 on Windows XP.

Here's the story..
I bought the laptop secondhand for the company I work at. I have no understanding about the real spec of the laptop (as I heard with Dell, users can chose many options). And I have programs for my work that can only be run on Windows XP, therefore, only Windows XP is installed on the laptop.

Problem 1:
I was not able to find the correct driver for the WIFI.
On the Device Manager, there is a Network Device that is not identified (yellow icon). So, there should be WIFI device available.
I already downloaded some drivers on the internet and I tried to update the Network Device manually using possible WiFi drivers and using the setup to no avail. When I tried the setup, sometimes it only said, "Cannot be installed on this computer" (maybe because it's for Win7?) or "hardware is not detected".
What should I do? What driver should I download and install for Win XP?
Note: I noticed, there is a small WIFI symbol on the laptop that is always on, eventhough I turn the WIFI switch off.

Problem 2:
Fingerprint sensor.
I read somewhere that I would need to install Dell Control Point security, Vault, or Wave.
When I tried to install Dell Control Point, it asked me to install Security drivers pack.
I'm confused, don't want to install something unnecessary as I feel responsible for this laptop and with bad experience with the WIFI driver it makes me worried. To be able to login by using fingerprint sensor, what applications and the sequence should I install on Win XP?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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