Dell Latitude E5520 with bios version A08


Has anyone experienced the E5520's locking up/freezing with no blue screen with the latest bios version installed.

I've have the same issue with machine with our Window 7 32bit build on and with a machine straight from the box at the configure Windows screen.

The machine will freeze and H/D light will go out.  No blue screen, no errror codes, just frozen.  Machine has to be power cycled.


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Re: Dell Latitude E5520 with bios version A08

Hi biggy461,

Remove any external devices if connected and check how the system behaves.

Use the system in Safe mode and check if the system freezes. (To run in safe mode, start  the system and press the F8 key on the Dell logo screen. From the Advanced Boot Menu options, select Safe Mode)

Run the Dell Diagnostics and make a note of any error messages. To run the diagnostics use this link:


I haven't come across any issues with the A08 BIOS as of now but will look for any updates about it.

Please reply with the results.

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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