Dell Latitude E6410 Bluetooth and Camera problem

I've recently installed a Windows 8 Pro version on my dell laptop. My camera and Bluetooth device were working before, but now it's not.

I checked for drivers in the dell website but whenever I try to install the camera and bluetooth, it says that the device is not found. I checked the BIOS Setup information and found out that there is no installed Bluetooth device, I don't know how that happened because I was able to use the bluetooth device before and paired it with my mouse. Also, I was able to use my camera before using Skype. 

How could I fix this problem? 

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Re: Dell Latitude E6410 Bluetooth and Camera problem

Hi oznerol022,

This system was not tested with Windows 8 Operating system and there no drivers available.

You may try installing the webcam software from the link given below:


Please install the Blue tooth driver which is for windows 7 Operating system in the compatibility mode from the link below:


Download the R285455.exe from the link above and double click on the file and extract it on the desktop in a folder. Look for setup file in the extracted folder. Right click ‘.exe’ file and click ‘Properties’. Click “install in compatibility mode’. Click on Application and select ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’. Next, click on ‘Troubleshoot Program’. Click on Program worked in earlier versions of Windows. Click on ‘Windows 7’.Click on ‘Start the Program’. Do not hit ‘Next’ until the installation completes. Once the installation completes, click on ‘Next’.

This may or may not work.

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RE: Dell Latitude E6410 Bluetooth and Camera problem


I used your tip to install the Integrated Webcam on Windows 8.1 64 bit and it did work.

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