Dell M5010 7 Beeps - Why No Recall

I am repairing a computer for a family friend and it's the M5010 Inspiron with an AMD chipset, out or warranty like most of the other cases I've seen listed in these boards. This seems to have gotten so far out of hand that there are shops out there(specifically on eBay) dedicated to specifically repairing this '7 beeps' issue for this series...sometimes offering to modify to board to prevent this issue in the future. I know Dell has gone downhill in recent years, but this is starting to get ridiculous. I've had my small business account for nearly a decade now as I've PERSONALLY have had good luck, but it seems I'm repairing more and more Dell's when the leading company which I do repairs on has always been HP. It's embarrassing when for the most part I've recommended Dells and more of this type of issue keeps recurring.

Anyway, is there any sort of at least discounted repair special for this series...I've read that Dell is charging more for the repair services of this issue than it is to buy a brand new laptop? If not I'm just going to remove the motherboard again and send it in for $50  for repair on eBay. I've already tested the processor so I know its the board, but its beyond my repair abilities as I dont have the machinery to take care of it.

I hoping with the return of Mr. Dell, things like this will be a thing of the past. Then I may start to swear by, and start recommending Dells again.



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Re: Dell M5010 7 Beeps - Why No Recall

I researched this problem and it is a design flaw with this Dell model. It needs a GPU reflow of the soldering on the motherboard. Most PC repair places will not do this search youtube don't use your home oven! Call repair places and ask I got a quote for 180 locally near SF if you want my help email <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

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RE: Dell M5010 7 Beeps - Why No Recall

I have the same issues with my customers.  I have also been a Dell Tech for at least 15 years and have a very large customer base who mainly use Dell computers, but I will be steering them away to other product lines since Dell won't acknowledge the problem.  I spoke with two separate individuals today at Dell regarding this problem and they continue to blindly say they have not received any complaints like this on the M5010 Inspiron.  I told them use try a web search.  It seems to me that when there are businesses springing up to fix your equipment and making money on it, you have a serious problem, and the arrogance to not admit there is a problem is just sad.

I found a place on Ebay that will complete the repair for $99 or at least that's the advertised price.  It will be a long while before I recommend Dell to anyone again, but in the meantime I continue to get paid to fix them


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