Dell N5010 very hot



 i bought this laptop 2 - 3 month ago.. it has i5 460m and a 5650m , the rest is irrilavnt..
this is my primary laptop, so i use it for gaming ..
 i play WoW, Minecraft and Sometimes Crysis.. i have been doing that for a couple of month without problems .. but the past week my cpu and graphiccard is getting abnormally hot ..

 the cpu is hitting 102°  and the graphic card is about 100°


 im not worried about the graphic card, but the cpu is insanely hot and if you ask me that's not normal..


i have the same problem both in windows and ubuntu.. in idle its normal ..

 Anyone knows what to do about it?


i cant send the laptop in because its my primary computer for school and private, and i have no alternative..

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Re: Dell N5010 very hot

I would still suggest you phone dell to discuss as its under warranty. You may have a faulty part.

You could try getting some canned air and a vacuum to remove any dust from the vents but if its only 2-3 months old im not sure there will be that much. Are you using it on a flat hard surface rather than a bed or anything as that will also hinder air flow from the vents.



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