Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Screen Problem !!

Hello I purchased this Lap Top about 5-6 months ago and about a week ago I began to have problems with the screen. There are these dotted lines going across the screen horizontally and eventually the whole screen turns white unless I hold the screen in a certain position. It's gone to the point where I have to keep holding the screen at a certain position so it wont turn white or "freeze." It's weird, the screen itself freezes except for the monitor itself. I don't know what the problem is! If someone can find a solution that would be great! Please and thank you!!

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Re: Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Screen Problem !!

Attach an external monitor.  If it shows the same fault, have the mainboard replaced under warranty.  If it does not, have the display panel replaced under warranty.


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Re: Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Screen Problem !!

implipyo, I have the exact same problem.. how did you fix this.. can you please share?

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