Dell Studio 1737 processor upgrade

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I've had my Dell Studio 1737 for about 7 months now and I've just noticed that the T6400 processor doesn't have the Intel virtualization feature.  This is a problem for me, for work reasons, so I'm looking to upgrade my processor.  I'm looking at an Intel P9500, this has the same socket design, has a lower MAX TDP and the same VID voltage reference so I'm assuming that it's just a case of swapping out the processor and shouldn't be an issue.  Anyone have any thoughts on this or any other recommendations or does anyone know if this will be an issue?




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Re: Dell Studio 1737 processor upgrade

you will also need to have the option to enable or disable VT in the bios. Without it it will make no difference what processor you change to. And this is not automatic by processor it must be programed into the bios code.

The processors that would be known to work with the system are T4200, T6500, P7350, P8600, P8800, and T9600

Remember to there must also be bios support for the processor to work too.

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