Dell Vostro does not start up


Hi all,


my laptop Vostro 1700 just does not start. The problem start about 2-3 month ago when it switch off itself for no reason. But when I switched back it was no problem. Then this start happened more often and often up to the point when it goes off even before starting up. Well, I cleaned fan, heat sticks, load temperature monitoring programme, even replace grease on cpu and graphic card. Now it did not start from firs click, but I did managed to start and after few clicks. It did work some time for a long period, some time goes off after 10 minutes. Very strange as the temperature never rich more then 46 C*. It manage to work 12 hours with cpu load 100% and switches still cold. Now I even could not start it. Some time it start loading, but switches off before starting windows. More often goes off after 2-3 seconds. 

I saw some other post with similar problems, seams main board problem. Just want some confirmation, before buying new laptop as this one only 1.5 years old.


Thanks in advance.



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