Dell XPS 9343 Consistent Blue Screen Problems

So I get two sort of blue screen errors: Memory management, and bcmwl. This has been happening on and off since last year and I'm not sure what is going on. I worked with support last year and all we did was just update all of my drivers - problem went away for a few months but then the blue screening starts coming back. I can't identify an actual pattern on what causes this, tried going through event viewer to find some sort of trigger I am really just not sure. I have the latest wifi driver given from Dell's driver website - and I believe after running the "Identify drivers" search engine off of Dell's drivers website, it recently just pointed me to update my graphics driver as well as install some applications (Which I haven't done as of yet). 

Ran system file checker as well as Window's memory diagnostic showing no problems found on both ends, please help - really tired of getting these blue screens

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RE: Dell XPS 9343 Consistent Blue Screen Problems

Bluescreens are almost always due to corrupt drivers or OS files.
You can run applications like who crashed
http://dell.to/2fXJtJo to analyze the dump files and this would let you know the probable cause for the Bluescreen
Try this out. However, bcmwl is probably the Broadcom wireless driver giving you an issue again. If that is the case, what you could do is uninstall and delete the drivers from the device manager and the install the newest version of the driver.

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