Dell d630 won't power up/post from cold start

The power light comes on for a few seconds, then shuts off. 

If I sit there for half an indeterminate amount of time pressing the button, it will eventually power up.  Sometimes it'll be just a few times, but more often than not it takes 10-20 minutes and seems to be getting progressively worse.

After the system is on, it works perfectly for as long as I keep it on.


The interesting thing is that if I shut it down/power off and start it up again while the system is still "warm", it turns on just fine without fail.


I've run the dell boot-up diagnostics and everything passes.

It's not an issue with the battery, the hard drive, the AC adapter or the RAM being seated properly.  Beyond that I'm not sure what the problem could be.


Any suggestions?





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Re: Dell d630 won't power up/post from cold start

Is it still under warranty? If so then I think you need to contact tech support about this. It sounds to me like either the PSU or the systemboard are starting to fail.

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Re: Dell d630 won't power up/post from cold start

I have a similar problem with a D620.  I think it is a MOBO issue.  In any case, I have ordered a new MOBO and will update this (http://en.community.dell.com/forums/t/19295535.aspx) post when it is all said an done.  Let us know what you find as well.

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Re: Dell d630 won't power up/post from cold start

just wondering if you fixed your power problem on your d630 as i am having the same issue with mine

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