Dell inspiron 15 N5050

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Just got my wife the above pc for xmas. When we try to skype friends they can see the video but cannot hear us. I thought it came with an internal microphone. Can anyone throw any light on the matter.



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Jim Coates

Re: Dell inspiron 15 N5050

Ianc, not much light, I'm afraid. Yes it is supposed to have a mic. If it came with the 2 page leaflet or pdf named Quick Start Guide, the mic is shown on the front edge and is labeled item #18 in the diagram.

There are no instruction on how to use the mic on your model. On other models the mic is linked to the webcam and there is an aging webcam instruction article here.


That probably is not much help. Try this, go to the Windows Sounds properties and open the Recording tab. It should look similar to this but not exactly.

If there is an option there for the internal mic, set it as default. Here it is called "microphone array" but might be something else on yours. The word "IDT" in the pic means that the IDT audio driver is installed. If it weren't then the Windows generic driver would be running and the pic would just show "High Definition Audio" without the word "IDT". Your laptop should have come with the IDT driver pre-installed.

If there is no option to select the internal mic, right click in the white area and look under both "show disabled" and "show disconnected" devices for it.

Additionally, you might have a dedicated IDT control panel which would look something like this:

To find that panel, look in Start>Control Panel>IDT. You can make settings in either the Windows Sound control or the IDT control.

In addition, you might have to configure Skpe to use the internal mic. I don't use Skype and don't know the settings, but here is a screen shot of the settings area

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