Dell inspiron 1521 sound card problem

hello. sorry about my language,i hope that you will understand me... i have a problem with recording sound. i think that it is sound card problem, herewith when i listening some music with notebook's speakers, it sound like an earlier time, but when i put some cable or headsets, it isn't pure voices, it seems that something is missing. nothing program which i use, cant record any sound. every program writes, that there is some problem or error. PLEASE HELP ME...thanks

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Jim Coates

Re: Dell inspiron 1521 sound card problem

Hello. I am sorry to say that I do not fully understand the problems you are having. I think that you are saying that you have 2 audio problems:

> when you listen through the headphone jack some of the audio is missing, and

> whenever you try to record audio you receive an error message.

For the headphone jack problem, run the Dell Diagnostics audio tests while listening through the headphone jack. If you have the same problem during the tests then there is a hardware failure. If everything sounds normal during the tests then there is a software problem, in which case re-installing the Sigmatel audio driver might help.

For the problem with recording, are you trying to record from the microphone jack, the internal microphone, or streaming audio? If having problems with the mic jack, trying re-installing the Sigmatel audio driver. When it is installed, the Recording tab of your Sound properties should look somewhat similar to this, with the word "Sigmatel" visible. If you do not see "Sigmatel" then it is not installed.

There are instructions for re-installing the audio driver in the Audio Driver FAQ. If you need more help, please include the following information:

> the name of your operating system

> whether you are recording from the mic jack, mic array, or streaming audio.

> the exact words of the error message.

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