Diagnostics - Error code means

Hello, I have trouble with my inspiron 1564 laptop.

Windows has crashed three times in two weeks. The last one happened while I am in vacation so I do not have given CDs with me.

So I tried another (original) copy of windows 7 that I am not using in any other computer. But after booting and clicking "Install now" the computer did not respond.

Then I thought to run diagnostics. It passed from memory tests. Then I madea test on Hard Drive, and got errors. Here are them but I do not know what they mean:

On confidence Test:

Error code 0F00:1332
Msg: DISK - Block 59664194: Interrupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time

then test stopped

On Drive Self Test:

Error code 0F00:0632
Msg: DISK - Interrupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time

then test stopped.

I would be happy if somebody inform me about what those error codes mean.

Thank you

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Mary G

Re: Diagnostics - Error code means

Sounds like the hard drive has failed.

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Re: Diagnostics - Error code means

I have got the same problem and I have been investigating it for about half an year. System error 0xC0000005 has occured several times and I have also got STOP errors 0x7A and 0xF4 many times.

The situation is not persistent, simply, the general diagnose is that the system cannot access the hard disk or some sectors of it. Regular restart of the computer causes the problem to vanish.

However, some days ago I could diagnose the problem more in detail as it occured within the System Reporting system creating event snaps and writing them to the System log. This is done in the kernel mode and therefore the system doesn't stop. Failure to write a system event in the system log of course generates a new system event to be written in the system log, which in turn fails. The system event reporting will thus be looping. Not so intensive as relatively long timeout applies to the IRQ action in force, I noticed around 3000 fails of this type for around 2 hours.

The system messages were visible through Event Viewer as they are cached even when they could not be written to HDD.

So I tried to restart computer. The computer was stalling during shutdown - never ending. I turned power off, put DVD with DELL System Diagnostics Utility in CD/DVD reader and restarted computer from the DVD and began testing my HDD with this utility, I ran Custom test and selected the suspicious HDD to be tested.

Only about 4% of the Confidence Test could be executed, then I got the message

Test Fail

Disk block number nnnnnnnnnnnn

Error Code: 0F00:1332 Msg DISK Interrupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time

Then I allowed the Confidence Test to continue. The message was repeated 5 times with a stepping factor of 128 blocks (shows up in block counter field) and then I skipped the remainder.

I can see a relatively long timeout waiting for the IRQ to complete before displaying the error message.

I continued with the Drive Self-test, but almost the same thing happened,

Error Code: 0F00:0632

Then I stopped the DELL System Diagnostics Utility - it would consume incredibly long time to go all the way with these stops as my HDD is 2TB in size. and would probably not add more information as the same report diagnostic information is repeated.

I restarted the computer to operating system - and the failing HDD was fine! The HDD has been resetted and doesn't show up any problem diagnostics anymore.

Now I have run the DELL System Diagnostics Utility again with all tests for the HDD turned on now - everything is fine, but the extensive test took around 15 hours to execute..... The error state as shown by diagnosis information is not persistent and vanishes when restarting with operating system.

Some remarks:

The system log data mentioned above were never written to the System Event Log - they are all gone. Event logging from this period of around 2 hours doesn't exists.

Another remark is that when this episode began I started the computer from the Hibernate state, thus not a regular startup.

The motherboard as well as the HDD have been replaced, but this undesired behavior still remains.

Some operating system files executing in the kernel have been found to be defective and have been replaced manually in the System32 folder (not in the WINSXS recovery directory). They were found via the SFC /SCANNOW Windows system utility.

Maybe a full reinstallation (repair via update) will fix the matter when executed from a non-defective installation disk. But the defective files I found have been replaced manually so I don't know.

The problem appearance has been considerably decreased by these actions, from several times a week to approximately once per 3-4 weeks. But the problem is not completely eliminated yet. And I don't know the real cause in detail yet.

Maybe caused by defective operating system files or the SATA drivers/inteface? Or the HDD? What is correcting this unwanted misbehavior during startup of the operating system so that the problems are made invisible?

There are many questions remaining. And I see that I'm not alone. We need to talk more about this and share our experiences.

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RE: Diagnostics - Error code means

I am a bit puzzled by this error as well.  I turned off my PC went on vacation, and returned to find Windows 7 won't boot up.  Diagnostics gave similar results, but most puzzlingly is that I have no issue with the ubuntu dual boot which is absolutely fine.  Tried using the Windows 7 DVD and that doesn't really help.

I am going to get a SATA enclosure and see if I can read the disk from another computer.

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