E6410 screen brightness adjustment doesn't work properly

I've got an E6410 running Windows 7 64-bit. In the BIOS, the "automatic brightness adjustment" is set to off, so when the computer boots I can manually adjust the brightness using Fn-Up and Fn-Down. However, if I hibernate the computer and start it again, it enters a state where the "automatic brightness adjuster" is on and the manual adjustment keys are also on. I can adjust the brightness, but then the automatic adjuster sets it back to the level it decides. If I hit Fn-Left to switch the automatic adjuster off, the manual adjustment function also turns off and I cannot adjust the brightness.

This all only happens after going into hibernate. I can fix it by hibernating and restarting again, but it doesn't always work. I would love it if there was a QuickSet fix for this.

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