E6510 i7-720QM Nvidia Quadro 3100M youtube fullscreen video playback vertical distortion.

I recently purchased an E6510 from Dell Outlet and while I like everything about the laptop, I am unable to get it to play full screen youtube/metacafe videos without a vertical disruption/distortion lines at what seems random but frequent times.

System Information: i7-720QM, Nvidia Quadro 3100M 512MB, 4GB 1333MHz RAM but only 3.4GB recognized, Full HD screen, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.


The symptoms so far: 

- This problem appears on youtube/metacafe but not on Vimeo. 

- The problem does not appear for any resolution in youtube as long as it's not full screen. As soon as it goes full screen it starts appearing.

- I have a Dell E6500 with a Quadro 256MB and it runs flawlessly.

- The problem persists in Chrome/Firefox.

- The problem persists despite toggling certain settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, for example, the Vertical Sync forced off/on.

- The problem persists despite connecting wirelessly or through ethernet. It's not a buffering issue as I have an 8Mbit down connection and videos buffer really quick.

- The problem persists despite installing up-to-date drivers from the Dell website including but not limited to : BIOS, VIDEO, AUDIO, NVIDIA Drivers etc.

- Video viewed locally from hard drive or DVD ROM doesn't show this problem at any resolution. 

Please suggest some fixes/diagnostics. I have already run major benchmarking tests and it has reported no issues with the graphics card.

If I cannot solve this problem I will have to return this to Dell, which I think would be a pity given that I really like everything about this laptop other than this single, but major issue.

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Re: E6510 i7-720QM Nvidia Quadro 3100M youtube fullscreen video playback vertical distortion.

You have almost the same hardware configuration that I have, but mine came with Win7 Pro x64 and 8GB of memory.

The video drivers on the Dell Web site are not up to date. For starters, you need to download and install the most recent drivers available on the Nvidia Web site. I suspect that may not fix the problem, though.  I had video glitching problems which were fixed only by reformatting the C: partition and reinstalling Win7 using the installation DVD provided with the system.  Apparently there were driver conflicts in the factory-installed software that I received. I dunno if that's your problem, though.

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Re: E6510 i7-720QM Nvidia Quadro 3100M youtube fullscreen video playback vertical distortion.

Hey thanks for the reply. I tried installing the 64 bit version on win7 clean, installing the latest drivers from the manufacs websites, uninstalling flash completely then reinstalling (even the integrated flash in Chrome) amongst others and that did nothing to fix it either.


The laptop had gone to Dell for repair.

Here't the video I took to show the problem better:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc5ZD-Pj1Hw

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