Electric shock from my XPS 15z

I get random, small pains in my left forearm when working on my laptop. And I'm always on my laptop. I am a software engineer for a living. I always thought my forearm hairs were getting caught in the plastic trim on the left corner of my laptop. Today, I noticed that if I leave my left forearm on the plastic trim near the left front corner, that the pain intensified. I knew instantly, it was electricity. When I unplugged my laptop from the power plug, the joltz stop. I've been experimenting now for the past half hour. It's definitely electric shock coming from the plastic trim when my Dell XPS 15z laptop is plugged into a power supply. I paid about 3k for this things. I baby it, and only use the power supply that came with the device. Now I don't want it, I'm a bit nervous that I might get a big zap sooner or later. After googling this problem, it turns out quite a few people have experienced this exact same thing and even posted their finding in youtube videos showing the electricity spikes. What's disappointing to learn, is that each person was asked to send in their laptop and a reburfished replacement was sent back. I paid way too much money for a new product from Dell (this is my 4th laptop from Dell). Each laptop I purchase from Dell averages about 3K. I think this will be my last laptop from Dell. Blue screens and quirky drivers I can handle. But random electricity shocks !!!! It's not a matter of principle, it's a matter of I don't want to be the first to report I was standing on a freshly mopped and wet floor when I suddently get the shock of my life. 

Jesse J. Bueno, Microsoft Certified Professional, Owner/Lead Developer, Bueno Products LLC

XPS 15z (L511z)
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