Enabling external display on Latitude D505?

My company has purchased more Dell D505 notebooks, and for the way we wanted to use them, we need the posibility to continuously see the picture on the external monitor, that means, also during the booting or bios-setup phase.

On Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook, which is also Pentium M based, also has Phoenix based BIOS, and also Intel 855 based graphics, there is the BIOS setup option

Video Features/Display [ Internal Flat Panel | External | Auto ]

which, when External is selected, does exactly what we need.

On Dell Latitude D505 Bios Version A02, there's no such option. (The only video related entry is "Video expansion" [Enabled | Disabled] which does something else, equivalent to Fujitsu's "Video features / Compensation" option).

The needed functionality (using external display during boot and setup) is fundamental for us -- we can't use the computers in different setup.

How can I then enable external monitor? Is there any hidden BIOS feature? Is there a possibility to upgrade the BIOS to have this?

Thanks in advance.
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