External mouse not working


I have a Microsoft wireless mouse attatched to my Dell Latitude D500 through a 4 port, USB hub.  A couple of days ago, it stopped working completely.  I changed the batteries and the station has power as well - but, zero response on the screen.  I tested another PS/2 mouse with a USB adapter and that had no response also.  I have a printer connected into this same hub and it is working fine.

As far as sofware, I orginally installed the optical mouse with IntelliPoint 4.1.  I've upgraded to the 5.0 version, with no luck solving this problem.  I also downloaded the Dell drivers for System Upgrade for laptops, Flash upgrade, and the ALPS/pointing stick driver updates....all to no avail!

Is there any know problems with the USB/optical mouse combo on the D500 or any other places I should be looking to figure this out?  My touchpad works fine...

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Re: External mouse not working

Try updating the BIOS to A09.  See the release notes below.

The following updates were made to the A08 BIOS to create the A09 BIOS: Issues Fixed: ============= 1. Improved the battery charging algorithm for fully discharged batteries. 2. Fixed an issue where the system may hang at the end of POST if a HUB with a USB device is connected. Enhancements: 1. Added support for newer Intel MiniPCI wireless card. The BIOS release has been validated on the following operating systems: 1. Microsoft Windows 2000 ACPI 2. Microsoft Windows XP.


Either this or the installation of Intellipoint 5.0 (or combination of both) seems to have resolved the issue.

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