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Hello everyone.

First, sorry for my English (use the google translator to write it).

I purchased an Alienware m15x in Spain takes an offer of "Days of Deals". That offer included a € 210 discount, free shipping and the game Bioshock 2. Well, when I saw the summary of the order I saw that the discount and free shipping remained. But the game "Bioshock 2" did not appear in the order, but it appeared the term "free game download".  I understood that it would refer to Bioshock and accepted the order.

When the computer has come I have not seen the option to download the game. I figured that would be activated on Steam, so I went to my account from the computer but did not. I contacted the customer service through e-mail explaining my problem. Does your answer?.... HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE GAME BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN YOUR ORDER.

I called customer service and when I ask what is meant in the bill "free download game",  they tell me it will contact me. I've tried twice this week .... and always the same answer ... silence.

Anyone can help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance.



Pd. Here is a screenshot of the offer I accepted: http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/4986/img001.png

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some time having problem in battery charging

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