Future of PC Card vs. Express Card

My workplace currently relies heavily on PC Card devices, and there is a significant number of users.  I undertstand the Express Card is the up and coming replacement for the PC Card.  What is Dell's position on this?  What is the expected timeline for this succession?  Is there someplace I can go for more information?


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Re: Future of PC Card vs. Express Card

PC Card is effectively dead with the consumer/small business systems - Inspiron, XPS, Studio, Vostro.  Only the Latitude offers it and only as an option - and I'd make a guess that the E-series, which probably has about 3-4 years to run in the market - will be the last one released with PCMCIA support.


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Re: Future of PC Card vs. Express Card

As Far As I can tell Cardbus is gone.  This is due to the Chipsets for motherboards being express card/PCI-E  vs CardBus/AGP


1.  5V PCMCIA is Dead aka ISA bus.

Does not support 5v or 16-bit PCMCIA cards such as ATA Flash, 4-in-1 DigiAdapter
or CF DigiAdapter. Under Mac OS X, Panasonic P2 cards are currently
not supported with this adapter.

Drivers for the devices connected through this adapter must still be installed.

2. 3.3v Cardbus is almost Dead.  You can get PCI to Cardbus Cards still but thats limited.

3. There are USB to Cardbus extenders that tend to be overly expensive and only support 3G cards.

Theres also a Cardbus to Express Card adaptor but again I wouldn't hold my breath on it supporting All Cardbus cards.






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