Graphic card for Inspiron 1545

Hello. I have an Inspiron 1545 with slightly improved processor and RAM. But I still have some problems running games, so I figured out that I need a better graphic card. I have tried looking around for some good ones, but there are very many. Do any of you know about some good graphics card, most likely not much more than $300? I asked a friend about this, and he says that my computer has an integrated graphic card, or something like that, which means I can't change it. Is this true? It's kind of sad that I have a dual core 2.4GHz processor and 4GB ram and can't play minecraft without lag...

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Re: Graphic card for Inspiron 1545

You have no option for a video card - there is no slot for one.  If you have Intel-integrated video, you can replace the mainboard with an ATI version (see below), but if you already have the ATI video, there's no further upgrade short of a new system.  It will cost you more than your $300 limit - quite a bit more if you have to pay for the labor to have the board installed.


Note:  if you have a warranty, replacing the mainboard will void that.


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