HDMI on integrated Intel HD graphics Refurbished Inspiron 1764

Laptop connected with HDMI will not show up on 40 inch or 50 inch TV.  Other laptop with dedicated video card works on those tvs with HDMI.  1764 VGA out works with an old 19 inch lcd monitor.  Dell did some troubleshooting by reinstalling drivers and then determined that either the HDMI will not work with monitors over a certain size (19 inches) or that the motherboard is not compatible with HDMI and because it is refurbished, it may have gotten a motherboard not compatible with the HDMI connection.  I do not have any other monitors (other than the tvs) to test out the HDMI connection.

Why does the HDMI connection not work with the TVs?  The laptop shows the tvs when I look up under multiple displays, it is just that there is no signal sent to the tvs.

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