HELP: Inspiron 1545 laptop stuck in safe mode but with added problem that my screen is broken!!

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I changed the settings on the laptop to automatically start in safe mode whilst I checked some issues with Windows Vista - I was using an external monitor to view as my daughter hadstood on the screen and broke it! Only the far right of the screen is visible (about a 3cm strip)!!

What i didn't realise was that in safe mode you cannot connect to an external monitor (or if you can - does anyone know the key strokes?). This leaves me with a big problem as I now cannot see what is on the laptop screen in safe mode so am guessing via arrow keys on what to press......all to no avail so far!

Can anyone help with how to disable safe mode via key strokes or to bypass the laptop screen and re-enable the external monitor? I can then disable safe mode in Windows and boot up normally!!

Driving me mad and exhausted all avenues on windows forums etc!

If there is a way of re-setting to factory defaults for teh laptop or wiping the machine and reistalling then any information gratefully received.

Thanks in advance of any help.






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Re: HELP: Inspiron 1545 laptop stuck in safe mode but with added problem that my screen is broken!!

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Hi Kev,

Press Fn + F8 to toggle the video to external monitor. However, this key combination might not work once the system has booted to Safe Mode. It does work in One Time Boot Options menu though.

You can try to disable safe mode from the command prompt. For that, you would need to boot from the Windows disc. If you have a disc, try these steps:

1. Restart the system and start pressing F12 once a second when the system is starting to enter the One Time Boot Options menu.
2. When you believe that the system in the F12 menu, press Fn + F1 key to toggle the video to the external monitor.
3.Once you are able to see the boot options on the monitor, put the Windows disc in the CD/DVD drive, select the CD/DVD drive from the boot options menu and press Enter.
4.Immediately press the <Spacebar> on the keyboard when you see the message’ Press any key to boot from the CD’.
5. The Windows 7 Setup environment will load. Select the Language, Time and currency format, and Keyboard or input method and click ‘Next’.


6. Click on Repair your computer or press the R key.

8. On the System Recovery Options menu, check the radio button in front of ‘Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows’ and click next.

9. It will show the System Recovery Options. Click on Command Prompt.
10. Once in the command prompt, type bcdedit and press enter to see the options available.
11.Now type bcdedit /deletevalue safeboot and press Enter.
12.Type exit and press enter to close the command prompt.
13.Restart the system, you should be able to boot into normal mode.

You may also contact our Out of Warranty Repairs department for getting the system repaired. You may call them to get the information about the cost of repairs and the time involved. Please open the link below and enter the Service Tag of your system:


Press ‘Continue’. It would give the number that you can call for the Out of Warranty Repair department in your region.

Let me know if you need any further assistance. I will be glad to assist.

Thanks and regards,


Re: HELP: Inspiron 1545 laptop stuck in safe mode but with added problem that my screen is broken!!

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Thanks very much - perfect answer......all working well again now and very happy laptop owner (even with a broken screen).

Thanks again.


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