HELP! Insprion 9400/E1705 Will NOT BOOT!

Hi All - The issue is that I can no longer boot my Inspiron 9400/E1705 laptop.  It is running Vista Home and was up-2-date as far as the OS. BIOS ver A08 (04/02/07); 2gigs mem. Virus protection running, also up-2-date.  I usually have an additional external Dell monitor connected.

The last time it was shut down it turned off normally but when I try to boot it now it goes directly to the Windows Recovery screen and no matter if I choose to recover or boot normally it gets stuck on the 'Microsoft Corporation' screen (with the activity slider?) and freezes - that is as far as it goes. 

I have had some help from Tech Support and have tried their suggestions but currently I am on an assignment in the Philippines and there is no 'hands-on' help available here - I am not due to return to the US until the end of Sept.  The laptop is still covered by Dell support.

Here is what I have tried thus far:
- Reseat memory cards
- Reseat HD
- Remove & reinsert Battery
- Reset the BIOS to the factory settings 

Entered into the Diagnostics menu from F12 @ Dell boot screen
- PSA+ Pre-boot System Assessment - All Tests Pass

Entered into the System Diagnostics
- Stand-alone Memory Test - All Tests Pass

System Tests
- Express Test  - All Tests Pass
- Extended Test - All Tests Pass

Custom Test Menu
- All Devices - All Tests Pass

From the  Symptom Tree
- Cannot Boot the OS - All Tests Pass
- System Locks Up - All Tests Pass

I have removed the HD and put it into a friends Inspiron laptop - it too goes to the Windows Recovery screen but when I choose recovery, it takes some time since the system is of a different configuration, but it does eventually boot and I was able to recover a some of my files I needed for this job.  Putting the HD back into the original laptop and I get the same original results - goes to Windows Recovery but freezes on 'Microsoft Corporation' screen - just what is the system trying to do at this point anyway???

I have also tried to boot from the internal DVD/CD with an old Win-XP install CD and an old Red Hat Linux CD and both work but I don't want to overwrite the current OS or loose any of my data so I did not do the actual install.

Has anyone got any ideas that I can try?  The diagnostics seem to cover everything on the laptop and nothing failed (by the way I have rerun most of these tests a number of times).   


Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions.  Louis
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Re: HELP! Insprion 9400/E1705 Will NOT BOOT!

Will it boot to safe mode?



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Re: HELP! Insprion 9400/E1705 Will NOT BOOT!

Hi there - no it will not boot at all other than to the diagnostics which all run and pass.  As I stated above it gets as far as the Microsoft Corporation logo screen with the activity slider and freezes at that point.  What exactly is going on when that screen is displayed? 


One more thing - I went back to an old Win-XP pro distribution CD from another Dell system (this one infact!) and it really does not boot that either - It gets to the point where the bottom banner states something like 'starting windows' (after loading all the device drivers) and then it freezes. 


The only system that does seem to boot from CD is Linux but it is a very old version (Red Hat 7.2) it gets thru all the questions but it is so old I am not going to do the actual install.


Thanks in advance for any additional help.  Louis 

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