Help!!! I spilled water on my laptop

About 6 hours ago, I spilled a 1/2 glass of water on my keyboard. Soon after the spill I tilted the laptop so that all of the water would drain out the corner.  A  lot came out, but not sure if it is all out.  It also turned it off.  It has been drying ever since.

 I have an Inspirion which is only a month old....and this is not covered by my warranty.  Called Dell and they suggest I send it in to be looked at and fixed....costly!!

Any advice? 

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Re: Help!!! I spilled water on my laptop

happened to me once on a dell d620...I took out the keyboard and let it dry for about 2 days....assembled it back, and it was fine; not sure if the 2 days was excessive, but that worked for me.  Next time I spilled a full glass of water, and tried the same method, and wasn't as lucky; thing died on me.

Check out the following link...and the comments:


If you do a google search, plenty of stories of people who spilled water on their laptops....the main thing seems to be to take it apart if you can, and let it dry.

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