How Much Do They Weigh?

I own an Inspiron 600m and a 6000.

I'm giving my beloved 600m to someone in my office to use for Linux development. My wife uses the 6000.

Actually, I can't stand the 6000. It's far too heavy. For example, if I grasp the open laptop from the front corner - one handed - it's easy on the 600, and very painful on the 6000. I travel and I carry my laptop all over the place. I need to carry it.

On the other hand, I've carried a dual-battery 600m all around the world and it's weight has never been a problem.

This gets to my question -- I'm buying a new Dell laptop. I selected the Latitude D620 (14 inch screen, like my 600m). I thought of the D820, but it has a 15 incher, like my too-heavy Inspiron 6000.

My problem is that I can't figure out how much these laptops weigh. According to the user manuals:
600m: With travel module, 4.98 lb. With Cd drive, 5.3 lb

6000: With 6-cell battery, configurable to less than 6.8 lb

D620: With travel module and 4-cell battery: 4.37 lb. With CD drive and 6-cell battery: 5.0 lb

D820: Approximately 6.1 lb, depending on configuration

I think this means that the 14-inch D620 weighs 0.3 lbs less than my 600m, and the D820 weights 0.7 lb less than my 6000 -- in other words the D820 is exactly half-way between the weight of a 600m and the 1.5 pound heavier 6000.

I sure wish Dell would make weight comparisons simpler. Are there any better weight figures posted, besides Dell's clever "jugs o' milk" charts?

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Re: How Much Do They Weigh?

I have about driven myself crazy with dell's rated weights. They don't seem to standardize them very well! I am also looking into the D620, but i'm am upgrading from a D400. Its rated weight is 3.7 lbs, but thats only with 4 cell battery. Its about 4 lbs with the 6 cell.

I use to have the D800 and bought the D400 6 months later because it was impossible to go to grad classes with it! I think it weighed slightly more than the D820. I would not recommend buying that if you want to travel with it. I don't know about the D620 and i'm concerned about even ordering it, but the D420 is just too weak to "upgrade" to.

How often do you carry your 600m around? Do you carry it with other things? Is it noticable in a bag compared to your 6000? Just trying to get a comparison from others on weight too!

I also have seen the D620 in my campus bookstore. I can pick it up with one hand, but it is heavier than the D400. Its about a half pound lighter without the CD drive in it, but still about a half pound or so heavier than the D400. Too bad they won't let me carry it around campus for a few days to test it...haha.
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Re: How Much Do They Weigh?

I like the D620.

I've had the Inspiron 600m for a long time and I'm satisfied with its weight. It's not a feather weight, but I can carry it with one hand, use it on an airplane, etc.

The Inspiron 6000, on the other hand, is punishment. I travelled to Canada with it, and it was a burden to carry it on the subways and so forth. Plus, it has about 1/3 the battery live of my dual-battery 600m.

The Latitude D620 is noticeably lighter and thinner than the 600m, and it works with the same secondary battery Smiley Happy

Keyboard is virtually the same as the 600m, although Dell claims this keyboard is "sealed," whatever that means.

The screen has an anti-glare coating that works well, but I think it's pretty dim. This is one of the biggest failings of the D620. A slightly brighter, high-res screen is available, but I'm about 40 and my eyes are important.

It has a light sensor that adjusts screen brightness automatically. Doesn't work worth beans, but it's easy to disable.
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Re: How Much Do They Weigh?

Great, well i guess i'm going to try and find a book thats about the same weight. That will give me a good feeling if i carry it around with me all day for a few days. I'm only in my 20s so i will most likely get the hi-res screen. Like i said, I had the D800 with a 1920x1200. Try using that screen!
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