How do I change screen brightness?

Some months ago I was browsing somewhere among the menus of my Inspiron 1200  (XP Home with SP2), and I found a setting for changing screen brightness to save battery power, in 10% increments. I dimmed it a few stops, and tried it for a while.
I finally decided that the screen is now too dim, so I tried to set it back to where it was. But I can't find a brightness setting anywhere. Where did it go?
I looked, of course, in Control Panel, under Power Options and under Display. There is nothing under any of the tabs in either of those locations. Where did I leave that switch?
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Re: How do I change screen brightness?

There are three ways to change the screen brightness.
The Dell Quickset Utility - this should appear as an icon in your system tray, or you should find it on the Programs list.  One of the settings is for screen brightness.
Keyboard Controls - on your system, it should be FN+F8/F9 (on other systems, Fn+Up Arrow/Dn Arrow)
BIOS - hit F2 during boot and you should be able to adjust the brightness under the Video heading.  There is one setting for battery power, and another for AC power.
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