How to put the laptop back to factory settings

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New to the forums, and have a big problem...  My son took his laptop to his friends house, where the friends dad who thinks he knows about computers decided to speed up my sons laptop by creating a new partition (F) and making it the system partition.  So he currently has two drives called OS (C and F), the new one (drive F) has 2.49Gb of space.

I had no idea the guy had done this and I logged on tonight to put the laptop back to factory settings because it's gotten pretty clogged up and all he wants to do is run World of  Warcraft on it (which actually works on the laptop which suprised me), the problem the restore software seems to be trying to restore to F rather than to C and so keeps giving an error (no actual  words, just  a big red  X with the word error above it).

I tried  removing the partition using diskpart with the override option, but it's not letting me do it as it's the system partition...  I can't just format the entire drive and make one big partion because the  recovery partion is D.

The laptop is a Del Inspiron 1520 which is running Vista Home.

Any ideas what I can to allow me to restore his computer back to the way it should it be and then get it back to factory settings?

Really hope someone can help.



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Re: How to put the laptop back to factory settings

You cannot. One the drive was partitioned the Master boot record(mbr) was altered and all pointers to the Dell recovery partition were rewritten. Your only option at this point would be to back up your primary Os partition and then wipe the drive and delete partitions.

You might be able to reformat the F partition  and then expand the C partition into it.

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