How to reinstall the webcam in Device Mgr,Inspiron1525, VISTA SP1?

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I need to solve Webcam problems and as a last resort would like “reinstall” or “Disable/reenable” the camera in Device Manager.  Then I would like to potentially upgrade, if a newer version for software is available. How would I know which software/upgrade to choose? Since the webcam works fine with Messenger, I am nervous to ruin it even more (see original problem below).

It’s currently called “Provider: Creative Technology Ltd.”, “Driver version:”. When doing the "Driver update" it says the correct driver is installed.

When going to the Dell site, the closest I can find is under “Drivers&Downloads, - Input Device Drivers”:  Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam, Version R2RC1, A04”. But this is completely different to the above “”, so would indicate to be incorrect.

So if I “Uninstall” the driver for the webcam in Device Mgr, how to I reinstall it? Would the system recognize it automatically and reinstall it? Or would I download the “R2RC1, A04” driver via the Dell Support web site?

Elsewhere on Forums people suggested to update the BIOS for this webcam . Any idea how to do this? (and by the way, I had a separate thread in the “Video” forum ( but no reply) about the "LiveCam.exe has stopped working" error and tried everything with the Dell software. http://en.community.dell.com/forums/t/19268269.aspx. If someone knew the resolution to this then don’t hesitate)

Here some PC details:  Dell Inspiron 1525, Vista Home Premium, SP1, 2GB RAM, one reimage done around 4 months ago)


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Re: How to reinstall the webcam in Device Mgr,Inspiron1525, VISTA SP1?

you need to look at the file date also. Since driver date on the Dell site is over a year old that leads one to believe that is the latest and greatest. Dell does label their file on the cryptic side.

the other place you might find the drive would be on your drivers and utilities CD. or perhaps a separate disk

If you were to delete it from device manager you need to have the replacement ready. Window more than likely will not have the driver incorporated into it.

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