I fixed it!!! ------Desktop screen position flipped 90 degrees and I can't get it back to normal

I fixed the problem on my own so no worries!   All I did was right click on the desktop and selected "graphic properties" and then "rotate" and "90 degrees" and it went back to normal! 
I have an XPS M140 Dell Notebook computer with Windows media center edition.  The positioning of the screen has flipped 90 degrees.  If I use the key combination (Fn) and (F8/CRT/LCD) the screen temporarily flips back to its normal positioning...however it only lasts about 2 seconds and then my screen flips again!  My dog jumped onto my laptop while it was on the floor which is why my screen changed in the first place.  Just typing this message is difficult and turning my head 90 degrees to view pages and use the mouse is horrible!  Please someone help me fix this problem!!!  I don't know what to do!!!  I can't seem to find any literature regarding the screen positioning.  Everything I find is regarding the desktop background and whether it is stretched or tiled....and that is not helpful in any way because my entire screen has flipped.  help help help please!!!!

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