Image restore on INSPIRON M5010


First, sorry for my bad english.

When I installed a new inspiron M5010 Window7 / 64 bits I've lost my admin password. Nothing more possible ! Even a restore system with dell backup and restore (datase2.3). I've tried to reinstall windows, but datasafe is not present on the "Dell utilities" CD. I want to reinstal the factory OS with all applications, witch is always on the "RESTORE" partition, but i've tried all that I knew, except call DELL SUPPORT, because we are SUNDAY.

I know, the first answer could be : wait until Monday !, but if I could, I would hope to solve my problem before

Thanks for your answers


l'avenir c'est maintenant

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Re: Image restore on INSPIRON M5010

If you manually installed Windows 7 over an existing Windows, then you lost all ability to do a Factory Restore since the installation of Windows 7 will have wiped it out.



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